Scandalous sets the new AWD TBSS record
We had a successful weekend at Street Car Takeover Oklahoma City by winning our class and resetting the AWD/4WD TBSS World Record!!
9.054 @ 142.02MPH
Thank you to everyone who played a part!
Taking home the win
Huron Speed TBSS turbo kit showing results
A little hard data from our tuning session with Phatso on the Huron Speed Products tbss turbo kit.
  • 580hp at 5psi (91 pump gas)
  • 652hp at 8psi (91 pump gas)
  • 723hp at 8 psi (e45)
  • 782hp at 10 psi (e45)
  • 942hp at 15 psi (e45)
  • 1085 at 20 psi (e45)
For those of you who don't know what e45 is, it's a mix of pump gas and ethanol to a 45% blend.
These numbers were made with:
408ci engine (10.2:1 compression)
245cc cathedral heads
91mm forced inductions turbo
Dual 525lph in tank fuel pumps
2000cc injectors
4L80e transmission
Np261 transfer case (in 2WD)
PTC triple disk converter (unlocked)
If you have any questions feel free to ask
Huron Speed Turbo Kit in Phatso
Move in day!

Move in day!!

Thank you for all the support and for helping making this possible!!

DSP after dark is open for business!

Rolling the Roller Home

The eagle has landed 😎. It's in the form of a roller but has plenty of potential.

Time to start building towards the fastest awd record.

Will we set a new AWD record?

Stay tuned!

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